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Nature Field Housewear co.,ltd. has purchasing department, trade department, R & D department, quality department, finance department, administration department and production factory. Refine hometextile co.,ltd, Shandong Ruida Textile Co., LTD., Yancheng Maide Printing & Dyeing Co., LTD., Nature Field Cut & Sew plant.

The company is committed to creating a full range of home textile soft decoration products, vertical production chain modernization, collectivization, diversification of enterprises.

The quality of the products produced by the company is the whole process of tracking management, the company from the origin of cotton and spinning supervision, selection of pollution-free, pure environmental protection imported active fuel printing, dyeing, sewing and other production links strictly control to achieve the perfect quality of products. The company has the most advanced and world-leading bedding design and research and development center and the most high-end products at home and abroad and the best-selling market and guests praise.


Nature Field Housewear Co.,Ltd. established in 2019, is located in the tranquil coastal city of Yantai, shandong, It has grown into a vertical, diversified and modern...

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