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Company Culture

Company Culture

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Slogan: Take care of you day and night!

Company Culture

1. Values: Customer first, teamwork, embracing change, integrity, passion, dedication

Customer first: customer is the bread and butter.
Teamwork: sharing and sharing, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Embrace change: Embrace change and be creative.
Integrity: honesty and uprightness.
Passion: objective and upward, never give up.
Dedication: professional dedication, excellence. Work time only do things related to the job, no repeated mistakes caused by dereliction of duty. Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today. Keep learning and self-improvement. Results-oriented, results-oriented hero. Prioritize and do the right thing. Follow but not stick to workflow, simplify complexity, with less investment to achieve greater work effect.

Mission:Let the world use healthy and comfortable home textile products from nature Field.
Vision:We aim to create a healthy and ecological lifestyle, and sustainable development.
   Work style: consistent words and deeds, quick response.
   Marketing philosophy: sell services first, sell products later.
   Market competition concept: fight value war, not price war.
   Industry competition concept: technical high half - chip



Nature Field Housewear Co.,Ltd. established in 2019, is located in the tranquil coastal city of Yantai, shandong, It has grown into a vertical, diversified and modern...

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