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Nature Field Housewear Co.,Ltd.

Nature Field Housewear Co.,Ltd.

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Brand story:
The first sailing place of the Maritime Silk Road, the ancient natural port -- Yantai Port, bred a group of explorers living by the sea, and took advantage of the situation. Nature Field has emerged at the historic moment, absorbing excellent western ideas, relying on the rich cultural charm of the East, deep cultivation in home textile products, to provide consumers with delicate and exquisite life style and efforts. It is dedicated to bringing people to sleep with a subtle and full of happiness.

Brand concept:
"Fresh and quiet from nature", in the original natural environment, to create a quiet image space.
Focusing on natural tones, natural fibers, ecological fibers and other elements makes the space more natural, comfortable and healthy, while subtle color changes and pattern matching make the overall design full of drama.
Modern and simple design, more respect for the origin of design, more respect for nature. Can create a very good artistic conception, so that the natural spirituality and zen in the bedroom perfect combination.
In the busy city looking for that party belongs to their own pure land, in the charming world to build their own style, quiet and indifferent and beautiful smart, so that the restless soul, get poetic dwelling.

Brand connotation:
Value attribution: 20-35 years old middle class youth. Can meet the spiritual and material needs of consumers, ideal and realistic needs, For example, have a good education and culture, a wealthy individual style and creativity, desire for freedom and comfort of the spirit and soul reposing, network and the influence of the media curious about new things and mid-life crisis has come early, the present situation of the "monumental exploits" standard family pattern, lack of sleep, and lower quality of work pressure, and cumbersome family matters, etc
Core value: The pursuit of quality and health concept, pay attention to health using black technology functional bed products, reflect personality, fashion, warm, comfortable, decorative & practical.
Unique personality: healthy lifestyle
Cultural atmosphere: a "lonely island" that can shield the outside world, a paradise where you can freely think about the sea and fly yourself.

Design concept
 "From nature, from life, from culture, from self"
From nature: nature is the source of inspiration. If we can apply natural patterns, natural shapes and natural elements in design, we can create beautiful and practical works from the deep needs of human hearts.
From life: there is no lack of beauty in life, as long as there is a pair of glasses to find beauty, every detail is a creative idea.
From culture: culture is the source of design, design from the precipitation of culture. Different times, different regions contain different aesthetic taste, through design to express the different pursuit of knowledge and culture, through design to inherit and carry forward the culture.
From the state of mind: design carries infinite reveries and love, design is the appeal and expression of the heart, need a persistent pursuit, persistence and perseverance, keep improving enterprise.


Nature Field Housewear Co.,Ltd. established in 2019, is located in the tranquil coastal city of Yantai, shandong, It has grown into a vertical, diversified and modern...

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